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Pool 'm Up is a pool simulation game.the Dutch beer manufacturer Dommelsch
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Lost Boys interactive

Pool 'm Up is a pool simulation game.
It has been designed for Lost Boys Interactive for the Dutch beer manufacturer Dommelsch. That´s why the game has adds in it.

Pool´m Up is a straightforward pool game with a few added things. For instance, if you shoot a ball down a pocket with the Dommelsch logo, you will receive one of three kinds of jokers. These let you sabotage your opponent's balls in three different ways. For example you can make one of your opponent's ball stick firmly to the table.

The game graphics are quite good, the movements are realistic and the soundtrack is nice.

You can play in Single Player Mode or in Dual Player Mode. The controls are simple: left click to position the white ball, move the mouse to aim and hold an release the left mouse button to shoot.

The rules are 8 ball. You can have special bonus stages if you win. You can turn the sound and music on or off. The program keeps a Hall of Fame score table.

The game is written in English, but the instructions (Wedstridj) are in dutch.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • The game is pretty simple and addictive


  • It would have been useful to include instructions in English
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